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There are three levels of membership, starting at € 990 per year. You will find more information under the menu option entitled Membership.
As often as you like! Depending on which cars you drive and when you drive them, you can manage your points balance to get as much out of your membership as possible. See the menu option entitled The Points.
There is no mileage limit whatsoever within Germany. Journeys into the neighbouring countries are possible in consultation with the Club management.
Fully comprehensive insurance is included in the cost of the membership. The excess which must be paid by you in the event of an accident is € 2000.
The membership includes Europewide breakdown cover with the ADAC, the German equivalent of the AA or AAA.
You can give a membership in the Cologne Classic Car Club as a gift, either in the form of the Test Packet for € 990 or one of the larger membership packages (See menu option Membership) This includes the training workshop and as many days as the person receiving the gift wants to drive, depending on the category of car chosen, the time of year and day of the week.
The Classic Car Club GmbH is a registered company in Germany. The membership fee includes German sales tax and is tax deductible in Germany. We will issue an invoice for the membership package which may be tax deductible in your country.
Existing members can buy points in packages of 100. The price of the points package depends on the level of membership chosen.
We emphasise the importance of the training workshop which our members receive upon joining the Club and each time they take out a car which is new to them. We organise these training workshops, which include a free afternoon in one of cars, at our premises in Cologne. And Cologne is the new hub for low cost airlines such as www.germanwings.de and www.hlx.de not to mention www.flydba.de and of course www.lufthansa.de. We will be more than happy to pick you up from Cologne airport in one of our classic cars and drive you to our showroom (about 10 minutes drive).